At The Salt Pot Kitchen, we make everything fresh-from-scratch in our Leesburg kitchen, using only the finest and freshest ingredients (locally sourced when available).

We'll keep our Sausage Rolls, Wiltshire Plaits and Pasties on the menu consistently, and change out the soups and the pies each week to give you some variety and keep you coming back!

Any British favourites you want to see added in the coming weeks? We'd love to hear from you via our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram -  @thesaltpotkitchen) or e-mail:


Succulent pork sausage meat

Our sausage rolls are created with homemade flaky pastry, freshly minced pork meat and traditional seasonings. These are delicious as a snack (hot or cold), or as part of a meal with a salad or other sides. They come chilled and ready to eat cold, popped in the oven to be reheated or ready to be frozen for another day. There's a reason these always come up top of the list of British favourites!

Sausage Roll_Cooked3.jpeg


A little slice of heaven - a family favourite!

A selection of different cuts of pork meat very finely sliced gives the plait a robust texture. Add locally sourced grated apple and mature cheddar, along with other special seasonings, and wrap it all in a crust of homemade flaky pastry and it's a sure winner with the family!
First made when working in a Scottish Shooting Lodge (many moons ago!)
The Wiltshire Plait comes ready to be enjoyed cold, popped in the oven to be re-heated or ready to be frozen for another day.

Wiltshire Plaits2.jpeg


Delicious minced beef in a savoury sauce, topped with creamy mashed potatoes

The ultimate comfort food - loved universally by all age groups!
Beef steak is minced, then combined with a selection of vegetables and topped with the most creamy mashed potatoes and browned in the oven.
This will come to you chilled, ready to be popped into the oven and served piping hot.
(When I serve this at home I always serve peas on the side - for some, peas are an absolute must but for others it ruins the dish). Regardless, you can count on the Worcestershire Sauce being a key ingredient!
Look out for Shepherd's Pie (with lamb instead of beef) being offered in a couple of weeks......



Thick and Creamy with delicious hints of cheddar and crunchy lardons of bacon

Our bacon, potato and cheddar soup comes from a recipe Grandpa Salt used to make - it was one of our daughter's favourites when she was little, so he would made it for her whenever we visited! Perfect for a winters day - smooth as velvet, with the underlying flavours of mature cheddar and crunchy bacon lardons!
Also delicious without the lardons for our vegetarian friends - please make the special request when you order!

Soup_Bacon, Potato and Cheddar.JPEG


A handheld meat and potato pie, made in the Cornish style

Beef round steak, thinly sliced with little chunks of potatoes, swede (rutabaga) and onions with a black pepper seasoning, all encased in beautiful, flaky pastry with a crimped crust.

Check out the blog post below on St Piran's Day with facts about the history of the Cornish Pasty ...

The pasty's earliest literary reference dates as far back as Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (14th Century), but gained it's popularity later in the Cornish tin mining communities. Miners would enjoy their pasty (marked with their own initials) as a self contained source of good nutrition to fuel them underground for the day, using the crust as a handle to protect them from ingesting any arsenic-laden dust from their hands. 

Pasties_One cooked2.jpg


Leek and Cheddar cheese wrapped in flaky pastry

Leeks are lightly sautéed, then combined with grated Cheddar and a combination of herbs and seasonings before being encased in a flaky pastry plait. Sesame seeds are sprinkled on top before baking in the oven.
These can be ordered as an individual size, ready to be popped into the oven or refrigerated or frozen for a later day.

Vegetarian_Leek and Cheese Singles.jpg


Curried vegetables wrapped in a VEGAN flaky crust

Aubergines (egg plant), mushrooms and onions roasted with a selection of curried spices, then added to diced potatoes before being wrapped in a VEGAN flaky pastry and crimped in the Cornish style.
Go ahead and give it a try - it is so delicious, we are convinced it will convert even the most determined carnivore (and make your house smell heavenly as well!)

Vegetarian Pasty_Curried Aubergine.jpg

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